A modular kitchen is one that is made up of pre-made cabinet parts called “MODULES”. When these Modules are fitted together, they create a whole, functional kitchen design. Modular cabinets are popular in kitchen remodeling projects and are available in two main types: upper (over counter) and lower units (under counter). There are also full units such as Appliance units, Tall units or pantries that fit from floor to ceiling, or almost to the ceiling. Since a modular kitchen is prebuilt and purchased readymade in sections, often flat packed for home assembly, it's the opposite of a custom made kitchen that is built on site. Modular kitchens can be very easily dismantled and refitted on a different space if required..Some people call the stone made kitchens as Modular kitchens, but as per my knowledge they cannot be termed as modular kitchens.
A modular kitchen can be much less expensive than a custom made kitchen since everything is already constructed. Even then the final finishing of a modular kitchen is far better than a custom made kitchen, built on site. This is because these modular kitchens are produced by fully automatic robotic plants. These plants do the complete production work, starting from cutting of board to laminate fixing and final finishing. The interesting thing about having a modular kitchen is that it can still be somewhat unique because different combinations of upper, lower and full units can be grouped to fit each kitchen's size and style. There are also many different cabinet finishes, counter top materials, shutter finishes(PU,Laminate,Postform,Glass,Acrylic,Wood,Metal etc.) and  hardware available to make each kitchen look like it was custom built to the homeowner's taste.
One can get these kitchens installed in any desired shape like ‘L’ shape , ‘U’shape, One wall, Parallel, Island kitchen etc.Once the design is finalized, the manufacturer produces the Modules accordingly. These modules are the fitted with the help of Legs (made of PVC or Steel) and other hardwares.The client has an option of selecting materials to be used for the production of Modules and the quality of hardwares to be used.

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