In today’s time, when the spaces are available at a whopping, jaw dropping high prices .Planning the space is the most important aspect while designing any Salon. Every single feet of space is worth thousands of rupees, so wastage of space is wastage of money .Not only you waste money, but one also loses the quantum of business if the space is not well utilized. A designer should be well aware of minimum and maximum amount of space required to perform any particular activity in a salon, be it the cutting area or the pedicure area or the shampoo area etc. Lack of this knowledge may be harmful in both the ways, if a lesser space is provided then it will be difficult to perform the services and if extra space is provided, it will affect the business quantum.
Any salon consists of several sections, starting from Reception/waiting area to, Cutting section, Pedicure section, Shampoo stations, Beauty rooms, Therapy rooms, Bridal make upsections, Staff areas, Pantry, Washrooms , Idle machine/equipment stations etc.
Reception/waiting areas should always be in front part of any salon. As this is the area where any new customer comes in for enquire and to get the services. This area is the face of the salon, so it is really important that this area should look very attractive and elegant. This is the first impression on any customer, and as it is a known fact that”First impression is the last impression” one should always design the reception very carefully. While designing this area, proper space for waiting of the client and their accompanies should be given. Retailing is an essential segment, so space for sufficient retail stands should be kept. Also the stands should be visible to all the customers coming in.
After reception comes the main cutting area, it totally depends on choice of salon owner and requirement of the locality, whether men’s section and ladies section should be combined or separate. It is seen that in certain localities even a unisex salon has separate sections for men and women. So before planning one should carefully understand the locality needs and decide whether to have separate areas for men and women or a common area. Then comes the quantity of chairs or number of stations. Chair quantity should neither be too much nor too less, salon owner should decide it according to the expected business quantum and area of expertise. Some salons which expertise in hair may require more chairs where as salon who expertise in makeup or beauty may require lesser ones in this area. Every station should be given proper and sufficient space for the technician to work around the customer and to keep his trolley. Also proper storage space should be given for towels and other necessary equipments. Shampoo stations should not be planned at a far distance from this space, as shampoo and cutting compliment each other. So shampoo stations should always be planned nearby cutting areas. Proper space for technician to stand behind the station should be given and the place to keep shampoo bottles should be such that they can be easily picked while doing shampoo.   
Then comes the pedicure areas. Unlike shampoo stations these units should be at a little distance from main cutting areas. As the client needs to have a relaxing atmosphere while getting the services and cutting areas are generally noisy. Lights and music should also be kept dim in this area. It should be carefully seen that there is sufficient space for the technician to sit in front while performing his work. And the other person can go to the next chair without disturbing him. Sometimes designers forget to leave sufficient gaps in between two chairs, which makes it difficult to perform Manicure activities. So proper gaps in front and between two chairs should be given.
Arrangement of makeup sections is very different from the cutting areas, as more space is required for doing make ups and even more space is required to keep all the makeup peripherals while doing make ups.Makeup sections should always be accompanied by Draping sections as both of these activities go side by side. Lighting of this area should also be done very carefully as these areas require very bright lights but at the same time they should not be harsh as well.
Number of beauty/spa rooms should be decided in accordance with the requirement of salon owners. Some salon requires proper spa rooms with Jacuzzi tubs, steam/sauna chambers etc. and some may not require them. Beauty rooms should be well ventilated and must have proper movement space.
Staff area and pantry may sound less important chapters, but they are not. These sections are as important as blood to the body. Staff should have proper space to sit when they are idle, sufficient space should be given for their lockers etc. In a good working salon there is a lot of pressure on pantry areas, so it should well planned as well. 
Designing a salon needs a lot of experience and expertise; it is difficult to some up complete salon planning in a few words, so an experienced designer in the same industry can only be the best solution to a wonderful and flawless Salon.


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